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 banner maker, What do u want

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PostSubject: banner maker, What do u want   Tue Nov 10, 2009 2:42 am

hi all, my 11 year old son has started to learn banner and picture making,

ive put some of his first stuff up to get an idea of what u all think, im usless at this sort of thing so have no idea what to tell him to do Smile

but anyway, if any1 wants anything made gimme a shout and give some info as to what sort of thing u like and ill get him to knock some up.

hes on it all the time so it wont be a problem, the more he tries the better he'll get

but anyway have a gander at the stuff in the galery uptop and rate or add comments plz ( dont worry about his age ill read them so be as honest as possible)

happy days

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banner maker, What do u want
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